Illinois Holocaust Museum:
Ghost Army Exhibit TV Commercial

June 28, 2022

We’ve recently completed a fascinating project for Chicago based agency The Specialists and their client, the Illinois Holocaust Museum. Their new exhibit, GHOST ARMY, tells the heroic tale of the top-secret U.S. Army’s Special Troops, known as the “Ghost Army,” and their covert operations across Europe that helped win WWII. This carefully selected group of artists, engineers, professional soldiers, and draftees saved thousands of lives and played an important part in Allied victory in the war. This top-secret unit was capable of simulating two entire divisions (approximately 30,000 men) and used inflatable tanks and vehicles, fake radio traffic, sound effects, and even phony generals, to fool German forces during WWII’s final year.

Working with just a handful of still images, we created a wandering p.o.v. that scans top secret photographs across a canvas-covered tabletop located “in the field” — complete with realistic outdoor dappled sunlight.

You can view the finished commercial here.

Thursday Oct 13 2022