Somethin’ Real

February 02, 2023

Jon Lutjens talks about the making of ‘Therapy Pt. 2,’ a musical collaboration between the late Mac Miller and Robert Glasper.

A reflection of the friendship and musical gifts shared by Miller and Glasper, the track was released on Glasper’s latest album Black Radio III: Supreme Edition,” and the video features Miller rapping joyfully among the stars backed by an eclectic parade of 3D elements.

Anthony Gaddis & Eric Tilford directed the video, adding to their long list of previous collaborations with Miller, including videos for tracks on “Circles,”Swimming,”Self Care,” “Come Back to Earthand the posthumous “Good News.

We talked with 3D Artist and Animator Jon Lutjens, who used Cinema 4D, Octane and After Effects for the video, which came together in just nine days...

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Thursday Oct 13 2022